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 CoastBio is a California based company that focuses on organic, biological based amendments for large scale agriculture. We have pioneered a unique production method for mycorrhiza and are bringing this technology to mainstream Bio-Ag companies.

Our production methods for mycorrhiza can reduce the cost per acre of application  compared to other biological innoculums on the market today.

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Hemp Seed Coating


CoastBio provides extremely effective and low cost BioEnhanced seed treatments for the commercial hemp industry and beyond.  




Coating seeds with our select blend of CDFA organic BioStimulants directly improves root growth by allowing immediate colonization of the seedlings taproot. BioPrime+ will boost plant growth and development, while increasing plant tolerance to abiotic stresses such as; drought, high salinity and soil with low fertility. Our BioActive seed treatments will improve crop production throughout the entire season. We specialize in BioEnhanced seed treatments and offer custom formulations specific to your crops needs. 

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